CEPEC is a live fund-raising event where green companies, energy projects and start-ups of all sizes come to raise capital. It’s one of the few
places where a select group of private equity investors, high net worth individuals and fund managers come together to make important investment decisions

Over the years CEPEC has raised tens of millions for its presenting companies. We pre-screen the companies, who are given about 15 minutes to make their pitch to a room full of specialist investors, many of whom themselves have been screened by us. If you have a strong business case and are looking to raise money through CEPEC, simply fill in the application form below, we will get back to all suitable applicants with our terms of business

Our last event the 16th cepec conference was in July the date of our next event will be posted here and take place Q2 of 2024 in London. If you are interested in applying to be a presenting company, write your full name in the application form below with contact details, click the apply now button and we will contact you

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As well as having companies present at CEPEC, we also introduce clients to investors on an assignment basis. An assignment is where we are retained to approach pre-qualified investors to make one-on-one bespoke introductions. Some clients prefer this to speaking at CEPEC, as they may require a more tailored approach, while other clients will opt for both. If you would like a proposal, simply fill out the above application form and write ASSIGNMENT in bold letters before your company description in the lower section and press apply now